Life in the Black


So this is how the hand played out.

The Aces and Eights was laid up, without a dedicated pilot, but work came in so they got going Into the Black. The job was to take one Trevin Geelan to Ezra and stay out of Adelia Niska’s way. Trevin took Howard Stall (his butler) and Tanya Hollis his attache/mistress with him.

Flying the run with an empty cargo bay didn’t make a lick of sense, so a courier named Jim Nandosh hired the crew to haul him and his cargo to Ezra as well. Just as they were about to lift off, a woman claiming she would pay double the going rate ran up, and the captain was reluctant, but took her on board anyways.

That was a mistake. Her name was Jen Thompson and she turned out to be some sort of animal loving freak who had followed Nandosh and wanted to free his cybernetically controlled frozen tigers that he was smuggling to Ezra. There ended up a small scuffle and talking to, but eventually the woman was locked in her quarters, and the ship continued it flight.

After entering the Ezra system one of Niska’s patrol boats came after the Aces and Eights and ‘requested’ to board. While Geelan and his staff were being hidden, Stall tried to nonchalantly drop a hanky over the railing, one that bore Geelan’s monogram. The docking couplings are attaching and it seems someone is trying to tip of Niska’s men that Geelan is around.

It never does go smooth, does it?



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