Aces and Eights Mark II

Dimensions (LxBxH): 195×125 x 65 feet

250px aces and eights rpg
Tonnage: 2650 tons
Speed Class: 8 cruise/11 hard-burn
Crew: 2 single cabins, 2 double cabins
Fuel Capacity: 53 tons (600 hours)
Cargo Capacity/Maximum Deck Load: 300/362.5 tons
Passenger Capacity: 2 single cabins, 2 state rooms (double cabin)
Gear: 1 20 ton shuttles, large hover mule
Armor: 1 (wound)
Armament: Twin 50 lb Electromagnetic Warhead Cannon, ROF 3, w/50 rounds
Price: 440,525 credits

Agi: d8
Str: d6
Vit: d4
Ale: d4
Int: d6
Wil: d2

Init: d10+d4
Life: 10

Loved (Major)
Nimble (Minor) – Atmosphere
Fast Throttle (Minor)
Everybody Has One (Minor)
Branded (Minor)

Pilot d2
Perception d2
Covert d4

Maintenance: 707 credits per month

Aces and Eights Mark II

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