Trevin Geelan

Incoming Governor of Ezra


Once Lt. Governor of Boros, Geelan must have pissed someone higher up in the Alliance off something fierce, cause he was recently given a ‘promotion’ to Governor. Only problem is the Governorship is of Ezra, a planet under the stranglehold of Adeli Niska.

To get there he enlisted the aid of Badger to get him smuggled onto Ezra without Niska’s knowledge. Only there seemed to be a wrinkle, as the Aces and Eights (the crew Badger hired to complete the job) was met on entering the system, as if someone knew they were coming.

Geelan travels with a butler, Howard Stall, and an ‘assistant’ one Ms. Tanya Hollis. She is obviously eye candy and a mistress, a fact they do not attempt to hide.


Trevin Geelan

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